Board of Management
Quaid-e-Azam Industrial Estate
Owned By Government of the Punjab

Legal & Property Matters

Head of Account Rupees
Transfer Fee
1st Transfer Rs. 40,000/- per Kanal
2nd Transfer Rs. 60,000/- per Kanal
3rd Transfer Rs. 75,000/- per Kanal
Publication Charges Rs. 15,000/-
Sale Dee Charges Rs. 5,000/- per Kanal
Placement of Document Rs. 10,000/-
Bifurcation Fee
Scrutiny fee Rs. 25,000/-
Bifurcation Fee Rs. 200,000/- per Kanal of bifurcated area
Consolidation Fee
Processing Fee Rs. 10,000/- per Kanal
Consolidation Fee Rs. NIL
Permission to Mortgage Rs. 10,000/-
Processing Charges Rs. 5,000/- plus consultancy Charges on actual basis (if any)
Copying Charges (Attested) Rs. 50/- per page
Copy of Approved Building Plan (Attested) Rs. 1,000/-
Change in Line of Production Fee Rs. 15,000/- (Lump sum)
Change in Corporate Setup Fee
Where Partners of the Firm remained same and the firm converted into a Limited Company Rs. 15,000/- (Lump sum)
Where Partners of the Firm changed Rs. 10,000/- (Per Kanal)
Change in Name Rs. 15,000/- (Lump sum)
Non Production penalty Rs. 100,000/- per Kanal
Property related information (on Prescribed Format) Rs. 5,000/-
Construction Material Charges (Blocking of Roads with Construction Material)
Before 15 days Rs. 5,000/- per week
After 15 days Rs. 10,000/- per week
Telecom Tower Installation Charges Rs. 20,000/- one time NOC Charges plus 20 % of rent
Building Plan Approval
Approval of Plan before Construction Rs. 7.50/- per sft (without O.S.V)
Approval of Plan after Construction G/F Rs. 90/- per sft (without O.S.V)
Approval of Plan after Construction F/F & subsequent Rs. 136/- per sft (without O.S.V)
Open Space Violation Ground Floor Rs. 150/- per sft
Open Space Violation 1st Floor & subsequent Rs. 226/- per sft
Permission to use Plot as Ware House Rs. 10,000/- per Kanal
Restoration Fee (Productive Units) 10 % of DC Value 20 % of DC Value (Conditions applied)
Penal Interest Penal Interest on the outstanding dues be Charged according to Prevailing Bank interest rate Bank interest rate