Board of Management
Quaid-e-Azam Industrial Estate
Owned By Government of the Punjab

QIE - Emergency Services

Fire Brigade Station

In February 2007, a Fire Brigade Station was constructed and a fully equipped 02 Nos. Fire Brigade Vehicle was procured and at present two more water bowsers have been converted as supporting vehicles to main fire fighting tender.

From February 2007 till to date, a total of 248 fire incidents have been covered by the Fire Brigade Vehicle with in a span of 5 to 10 minutes. Due to Fire Brigade’s efficient and timely response, QIE received 65 “Commendation Letters” from the Residents.

QIE - Ambulance

A fully loaded ambulance service has been added by the BOM to QIE Emergency Center with a view to evacuate injured workers to the hospital. The main objective is to provide emergency service to the workers at their doorstep.

Emergency Help Line 1044

The Board of Management urged to link all services under one help line i.e. “1044”, through which any of the resident from QIE industrial Estate can get help without any loss of time.

The response teams are as under:-

  • QIE Ambulance Service
  • QIE Fire Brigade Service
  • QIE Disaster Recovery Service