Board of Management
Quaid-e-Azam Industrial Estate
Owned By Government of the Punjab

Legal & Property Matters

Head of Account Rupees
Transfer Fee
Transfer Fee 1% of DC Rate at the time of Transfer
Processing Fee / Service Charges Rs. 20,000/- Lump Sum + Consultancy Charges on Actual Basis (if any)
Publication Charges Rs. 30,000/- Lump Sum
Sale Dee Charges
Rs. 10,000/- Per kanal
Placement of Document

a. Sale Deed, Gift Deed & Surrender Deed etc. involving Change of Title other than internal Transfer of rights.

b. All Documents other than above mentioned

Rs. 10,000/- per Kanal

Rs. 10,000/- Lump Sum
Bifurcation :
a. Scrutiny fee Rs. 50,000/-
b. Bifurcation Fee 1 Million per Kanal of bifurcated area
c. Processing Charges 1 Million Lump Sum Per Case
Consolidation :
a. Processing Charges Rs. 50,000/- Lump Sum
b. Consolidation Fee Rs. 250,000/-
Permission to Mortgage Rs. 20,000/- Lump Sum
Copying Charges (Attested) Rs. 1,000/- Per Document
Copy of Approved Building Plan (Attested) Rs. 2,000/- Lump Sum
Fee for Change in Line of Production Rs. 30,000/- (Lump sum)
Change in Corporate Setup Fee Substituted with the Fee for Placement of Documents
Fee for Change in Title Name Rs. 50,000/- (Lump sum)
Non Production penalty Not to be Charged
Status / NOC / Property Related Information  Rs. 10,000/- Lump Sum
Fee for Commercialization 20% of PIEDMC Accessed Value
Restoration of Cancelled Plot  
a. Restoration Fee
b. Scrutiny Fee

1 Million Per Kanal
Rs. 25,000/- Lump Sum
Fee for Building Period
Note:- Building Period Fee Will be Charged from the Date of Expiry of Stipulated Completion Period
Rs. 50,000/- Per Acre Per Year
Processing Fee:
a. Industrial
b. Commercial

Rs. 25,000/- Lump Sum
Rs. 50,000/- Lump Sum
Roads Block with Construction Material:
a. Before 15 days   Rs. 5,000/- Per Week
b. After 15 days Rs. 10,000/- Per Week
Telecom Tower (BTS)
a. Installed at Telecom Company's Premises Rs. 100,000/- One Time Installation Fee + Annual Rent (Rs. 180,000/- 10% increase in  Rental On Annual Basis)
b. Installed at QIE's Premises (for rent purpos) Annual Report  Rs. 100,000/- One Time Installation Fee + Annual Rent
c. Installed at Resident's Premises Only Rs. 100,000/- One Time Installation Fee Only
Building Plan Approval  
a. Approval of Plan before Construction  Rs. 10/- Per Sft. (Without O.S.V)
b. Approval of Plan after Construction G/F Rs. 50/- Per Sft. (Without O.S.V)
c. Approval of Plan after Construction F/F & subsequest Rs. 100/- Per Sft (Without O.S.V)   
d. Open Space Violation Ground Floor Rs. 300/- Per Sft.
e. Open Space Violation 1st Floor & Subsequent Rs. 450/- Per Sft.
f. Permission to use Plot as Ware House  Rs. 50,000/- Per Kanal
g. Fee for Building Completion Certificate  Rs. 25,000/-
Revival Building Plan Fee Rs. 5/-Sft.
ROW Underground Cable One Time Charges Rs. 300/- Per Meter
Underground Cable Rent (One Year in Advance) Rs. 100/- Per Meter
Supervision Fee (One Time Charges) Rs. 80/- Per Meter
Security (Refundable) Repair & Maintenance Rs. 120/- Per Meter
Aerial Cable ROW (One Time Charges) Rs. 75/- Per Meter
Aerial Cable Rent (One Year in Advance) Rs. 50/- Per Meter
Mobile Transformer Trolley 400KVA Rent Rs. 5,000/- Per day
Sucker / Jetting Machine Charges Rs. 7,000/- Per trip
New Water Supply Connection Fee (3/4" Dia Meter) Rs. 25,000/- 
Replacement of Water Supply Meter Fee Rs.1000/- 
Water Supply Re-Connection Fee  Rs. 5,000/-
Sewer Connection Rs. 25,000/-
Road Cut Fee Rs. 1000/- Rft.
Mulba / Non Hazardous Factory Waste Etc. Rs. 6,000/- Trolley
Water Bouzer  
a. Large (12 50 Gallons) Rs. 7,000/- Bouzer
b. Small (700 Gallons) Rs. 5,000/- Bouzer
Tractor Blade  Rs. 5,000/- Per day
Dengue Spray  Rs. 2,000/- Per Kanal
Compaint Resolved Rs. 2,000/- each

Every notice will mention the due date upto maximum 30 days. 


1. All charges are payable through “Pay Order” in the name of PIEDMC-Quaid-e-Azam Industrial Estate Board, Lahore.
2. Terms and conditions are applicable.