Board of Management
Quaid-e-Azam Industrial Estate
Owned By Government of the Punjab

Security & CCTV Monitoring Services

We provide security round the clock through our own vehicles alongwith police personnel. These patrolling vehicles are being monitored through CCTV Cameras round the O’clock by the security officer, sitting in CCTV Control Room. The patrolling beats are reflected upon in the next slide.

Patrolling / Beat of QIE Vehicles & Motorcycles

Apart from 2 vehicles patrolling the Industrial Estate, 5 motorcycles also petrol the area which are driven by QIE driver and manned by a Police person sitting behind with weapon.

Construction of Police Station

Establishment of new police station at QIE is another achievement of Board of Management due to which, the crime rate especially, snatching of mobiles, theft & wire cutting incidents etc. have reduced drastically. Primarily, the purpose of establishing this police station is to make the industrial estate free from all crime.